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I messaged her again today, telling her how much I appreciate her and that she competes me in my deficiencies. I have been fighting depression all day, God is so good though, my brother came over with his 8 month old daughter. Babies are good for the soul, and make a sour day easyer to swallow.

I have been working on a sermonette/study on (1 Cor 13) and finding some peace in just reading and digging in the word. I don't know what he has planned. I will be moving back to my house at some point because my friend that was watching it for me during this painful time is moving. I'm not looking forward to it, everything in the house has memory tied to it, and it hurts to even step past my car toward the house. I listened to a sermon by Steven Furtic about spiritual growth, he noted that as we grow we look back and can see how far we've come but it doesn't look like we've moved forward at all, he said that we need to learn to live in the in between because that is exactly where God wants us to be so he can work on us. I want, in my flesh, to know what he is doing in my wife, but that isn't my story, and I have no right to pry even in prayer. God does give us grace in our situations though. He has shown me things that I would never have thought about like, the pressure she is under from the Holy Spirit through the friends and others praying for us.

I am excited about the prospect of living at the house though, I have plans for making my house more livable and doing some neglected repairs. Living there I will be able to work on it all the time. It's hard to get myself to do anything, being depressed is not fun. But that is my flesh talking so I had my brother help me get my dad's old water heater out of the house so we can put the new one in tomarow.

Hey people get out and serve someone in need. It is good for you and will grow you in God's grace. This is something I have been learning and I need to put into practice more often in my life.

  • As your fixing up the house, consider fixing things in the house in the order of what you think she would want done first.  This would help you keep her desires ahead of your own.  And a way to show kindness.  And when we show kindness when they can not see us doing so is when we have the most potential to grow in Christ.

  • Depression is no fun at all. You have to keep your mind occupied at all times. It's hard to deal with those things that have memories tied to them. I can't listen to certain types of music now. Can't drive by certain places. Can't watch certain TV shows. I avoid it all. I don't know if there is a better solution. I even took our bed when she got me kicked out but I don't sleep in it. I sleep on the couch. It's like a constant state of depression. All I can do is focus on God. Read the Bible. Read devotionals. Know that after this is over I will have so much knowledge to be able to help others is a reason to make it through each day.

    Focus on God.

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