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Dare 30

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Today's dare is totally doable. I pray for insight into my wife's needs and the needs of our marriage often, and her fear is one at the forefront, fears of trusting, being hurt, being betrayed, all legitamit fears and I validate them. There are many things that stand between us, it is a many faceted mountain of difficulty. No communication makes it hard to do but as I have said she reads my messenger posts.

Lord, if there be a way, open communication between MH and me, so that, your glory can shine on the community and in our circle of friends and the church. Lord not my will not my time yours and yours alone.

  • Pray for insight and wisdom.

    I often think how amazing it would be for our community if my wife and I reconciled. Even more beneficial for our children. If they could look back and say "our mom and dad went through hell and made it out together" that would be so beneficial for them. I don't know if I should be thinking like that or what but I try to imagine what it would be like.

    On the other hand if she gets her way they will all see that she just ran away and maybe think if she can do that I may as well do that also if I get into a marriage I "don't like." So I also think of the negatives. It drives me crazy.

    I remember once in our short lived marriage therapy sessions I told our therapist that my wife and I had accomplished amazing things without God and it would be unbelievable what we could do with Him. I'll never forget her words "That's true." But she still insists on leaving. It just blows my mind. She sees it but doesn't want to accept it.

    Marriage is in trouble. When children see marriage fail what does that teach them. We need to do something to save marriages before they get to the point we are at.

  • I asked her if she had any prayer needs and told her I would love to put it on my list, I don't expect an answer, but I did my best. If the hearts of kings are like streams in the hands of God then He can guide the hearts of our spouses back to Him. I know if she came back right now it would be short lived and separation permanent at the first perceived slip on my part, so I am willing to wait till the Lord reveals his plan.

    A friend said, when you and your wife are at odds, its like you are at 2 ends of a sandwich (representing Jesus) eating towards each other you will eventually meet in the middle.

  • I totally agree, the marriage is a sacred agreement and it must be held as such, I would love to have this testimony displayed to my children and community.  

    my father in law would say, if I said that we did so much without Christ, that it was for nothing and akin to sin.

  • That's true. All we do without Christ is for nothing. To expand on what I said earlier My wife and I did accomplish a lot but here we are now, with children who tell me they don't believe in God. All that we did without Christ has amounted to nothing. The kids say if there was a God He wouldn't let this happen. I understand He lets this happen, but they may lose their place in heaven because of what has happened. It's a tough pill to swallow. Now I have to strictly adhere to His word so they can see there really is a God and He loves us even though things like this happen.

  • Lose there place in heaven? I don't think that is possible. We are adopted into the Family of God at salvation, His blood runs through our veins, I believe that we can shorten our lives by our choices not to obey His word, but I don't believe that you can loose your salvation once obtained.

    Hebrews talks about one that rejects the truth after tasting of the goodness of God, but in where your children are concerned you, being a believer if they die under your care they are saved by your covering, after they leave it will be their choice to accept or reject.

    the role of a father is much like that of an old testament king, his actions can pull the family into or out of Gods blessing. My dad looks at the role of a father being:

    1. Prophet - the one who hears from God for his family and instructs them in righteousness.

    2. King - the ultimate rule in the house, that must subject himself to God and bear the consequences of his actions and decisions.

    3. Priest - the advocate on the family level, that prays for and intercedes for his wife and children.

  • I realize sending messages is the only way for you to do some dares.  But I just want to make sure you aren't sending more messages than what the dares may require.  (I don't think you are.)

    Her fears.....It is good you recognize them and thank God that  the dares or something else that brought her fears to your attention.

  • I was posting to much at one time but I have stopped and am only posting the dares

  • I knew I worded that wrong. I'm just afraid my children are not going to accept Jesus and therefore lose a place that would have been theirs in heaven. I keep saying God will work this out but all they see is me saying some words and their mom doing whatever she wants. There's no real reason for them to believe in God at all except for my testimony, which I'm trying to use to glorify God as best as I can.

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