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Dare 26

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So today's dare is an extention of yesterdays? I guess this one is done then because I gave it all up when the elders of my church had me write all my sins on a piece of paper. This was part of the ammunition used against me, and the justification my wife used to seperate. This is a daily struggle though because I am standing in the light of my creator justified, my sin forgiven, and seeking his face. It is my wife that has decided to brake covenant, and seek contentment outside of it. That my father in law is OK with this and supporting it blows me away, and the elders of my church not starting sessions for reconciliation is beyond me, and as I have no advocate in the church but my Lord himself I have to wait on his timing, I think I'm in really good hands, and his retainer fees are nonexistant. I still struggle with sin even this morning I was in the act of fulfilling my lustful desires and the Lord hit me with last night's revelation, Hebrews 10:26-31 is clear on this that we crucify Christ all over again when we delibritly return to sin. Our weakness is his strength, also if we as Christians are always fighting for victory over the flesh we will fail, if we give thanks to God for His strength, in our weakness, we are fighting from a position of victory and God alway prevails

  • Yes you did do this dare already.  But when  a dare comes up like this that we have in effect already done, we do it again.  A dare a day without changing the dare.  but in your case this is a difficult dare to do since you are not able to talk to her.

    You are right, you have the only advocate you really need.  but it is said that the church is not offering help in reconcilliation.  

    And you are right. in our strength we fail. but in God's strength, through our weakness, He conquers for us.

  • Its funny that you mention the Lord  as your Advocate. I just watched this vide the other day:

    The fight against the flesh is a never ending struggle. I have to remind myself hourly to seek God's guidance and not rely on my own thoughts. His ways are higher than mine.

    Once you confess your sins they are no longer yours. Jesus says "Go and sin no more." Its a wonderful feeling to not have the weight of that guilt on your shoulders as before.

    I pray that you can continue to live a righteous life and the elders will see your true devotion. Praise the Lord.

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