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Dare 25

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This dare hit me in the face. I thought I had forgiven everyone but when I asked the Lord to show me any unforgiveness still in me, he showed me all the same things I thought I had forgiven. I guess it is something I need to do regularly. I know now that I have been doing the dares selfishly due to my unforgivness, this cam as a shock, I have a different outlook now that I see my need to forgive. 

Please help and keep me accountable in this, I am so appreciative of the community and support in this group, and I want you all to know that you are all in my prayers also.

I need to remember to do the dares correctly also "one dare a day, no more no less"  pray about it and do it to the best of my ability.

  • THis site helped me as well.  It saved me from truly not knowing how I would basically survive or function.  

    If your seeing how you need to do the dares differently or for a different purpose as you mentioned, you are experiencing what a lot of people experience when they start round two of the dares.  

    You're over half way through, the next 15 dares will go by fast.  Plan on doing a round two.

    As you mentioned in my journal entry, the gift we receive when we forgive is unbelievable.  

  • I don't "intend" to do another round I want to make this a habit and continue them for the duration of my life, with or without my wife. I did the math after reading the dare and 15 is a small number and I look forward to the next round, my wife wanted my to do the LD on her for a long time, I was such a fool not seeing the need in my wife. She is truly a beautiful person, and I hurt her by my neglect and sin, but by God's grace He will give the chance to walk with me and my wife hand in hand

  • You don't know what you got till it's gone. I'm living that out also. If I had only seen the signs?

    We studied forgiveness for three months in church. I completely understand it and I've said I have forgiven everyone but I still can't look my wife, her mother or her father in the face because of the pain they have inflicted on me. It's so deep that I just can't seem to let it go. I believe my wife could repent and I could forgive her completely if she did but I don't think it is possible for my in-laws to repent. They are serious non-believers and have told my children that the Bible is just a 2000 year old story book. They even told my children that I'm using it as a weapon. My in-laws would have to be erased from our lives. Until they repent.

  • I have been made to grovel in this situation. no Christian should be made to grovel, Jesus lifted people up out of the dust and set them on the path of righteousness and didn't even require them to repent.

    the elders of my church have don this to me, of course they see thing I was doing as really bad, and they were but to shun me is a little over the top.

    my father in-law cant even look me in the face and I think it makes him mad because he thinks he is the one doing the right thing, my wife cant ether. and wont even talk to me, I haven't seen her in 2 months.

    but God is faithful and if I stay in the light of His love I will prevail and stand with him in glory, that is something to look forward to. I just pray my wife will be standing beside me.

  • What would Jesus do? People like to say that but don't like to do it.

    If you repented the elders have to accept you. To do otherwise doesn't make any sense to me.

    My wife and her parents think they are doing the right thing too. Its hard to watch them do what they are doing knowing that I used to be part of their group. I know where they are heading. Luckily for me I saw the light.

    I haven't seen my wife in about three months. Its a shame. To waste what God has given you. (talking about them)

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