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Done. At the same time of my removing the paricites I removed the the things and ways of attaining the things I lusted after, this doesn't mean I don't have the daily struggle, but it doesn't have dominion over me or my actions. I thank my God and savior for giving us victory over sin and temptation. 

Well still no news from the other side, still being shunned by my wife and my church family, but I have a different outlook. I find that it isn't just bearable it is actually freeing to lean on the grace of God in this situation, He has been gracious to give me glimpses into the work he is doing and helped me to know what to pray for and has a steady lesson plan for me to continue in.

  • It's great that you have the knowledge to lean on God. I know from experience that this isn't possible by yourself. Those lusts are such a daily struggle, I know. I empathize. Keep leaning on God.

    I think about you being shunned. I don't know what that is like, but my wife, I guess, is actually being shunned by her biological family. They are extremely religious and have all tried to talk to her about this and she refuses to listen to them so they just told her if this is her final decision then they can no longer have anything to do with her. Not because of anything I have said but because they believer divorce is completely wrong and you should work it out instead of running away. You have God and understand His ways. My wife doesn't. She refuses God's ways so it's a bit different from you but I wonder how she really feels about her family shunning her. She told me a few months ago that it really hurts that her dad won't talk to her and I'm sure she's hurt just as bad about her grandpa doing the same (which I just found out about Sunday.) This is probably why she is trying to destroy me. It has to be painful to be rejected like this.

  • Rejection of any kind is hard, shunning is worse, it makes you feel written off, like a rabid animal.

    You feel left to die, that is why in 2Cor. 2 Paul told the Corinthian church to bring the guy back in because of excessive sadness, it is extremely painful, especially if its your spouse who is doing it to you.  

  • Well I'm not doing this to my wife. She's doing it to herself. I just imagine it's hard to deal with. I'm trying to find out a reason for my wife's hatred of me intensifying in the last few months and this may be it. She probably feels the pain you mention. I have actually told her family I am praying for her and have forgiven her but they even tell me to let her go. I told them she is my wife and no matter what she does I have made a vow to her and I can't just let her go. Ironically I am probably the one who supports my wife the most right now.

    I pray for you Josh. I can't imagine what you're going through. God is with you though.

  • Thank you for your prayers, mine are with you also.

    She may also be feeling the pressure of the holy spirit increasing as she moves down the path she has chosen. To be outside Gods will is not a fun place to be. He is perfect in all his ways and is faithful to call those in his family back to him, I'll say it again, the wilderness of God is just like the wilderness the Israelites had to travel through, he gave them a choice come out on my terms or die in it. we all have the same choice, if we head his call we end up where you and I are now, waiting on the return of Jesus and praying for our spouse to exit the wilderness and come along with us.

    you should look up the book "Finishing Strong" by Steve Ferarr it is a great book for those in our particular situation.

  • I found that book for $3.99 on I'll get it soon. Right now I'm reading "Becoming Attached" by Robert Karen at the suggestion of my therapist in order to gain some insight into why my wife is acting like she is. Then he also suggested "Divorce Casualties: Protecting Your Child from Parental Alienation" by Douglas Darnall because my wife is telling our children all kinds of bad things about me.

    I'm also reading "A Faith Built on Sand" by Phil Sanders for Wednesday evening church Bible study and a book on joy that I can't remember the name of for Sunday morning church Bible study.

  • I am reading about 6 books also some are devotionals some are Christian walk books. you cant have enough encouragement. one I would also recommend is The Believers Daily Renewal by Andrew Murry if you get it make sure it is the 1980s printing, the newer ones are dumbed down.

  • Thank God for the changes in you and the growth you are experiencing through the dares in this trial.  YOu are surrounded by the world's ways but are seeing God's ways.  That's great.  

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