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The week after my wife left I removed all the movies, games, books, and hobbies that stood between us and have kept this as my life. I don't read anything that does not lead me to a deeper relationship with God, I don't play time consuming games, I don't watch movies by myself only with my mom and dad. The one thing that I can't get rid of is my own mind, it pulls and tuggs and stretches my desire, I am so thankful for the Bart of the LD that takes about leading your heart. Just like love is a choice so is leading your heart. Joseph did this when, day after day, Potiphar's wife pressured him. He didn't give in to her he remained true to his master and upright before his God. Oh that I was able to shun my besting sins as he shunned her advances.

  • Leading your heart.....that sure has helped me as well.  '

    It's good you see that many things stood in the way, and have chosen to do something about it.

    My thoughts..... But sometimes, just to unwind or let the world go, it may be a good time to just watch a movie or do something like that.   Of course we look at God  first to unwind or let the stresses of the  world go.  

  • Amen, I have kept one of my hobbies close Ibut it is one that helps my family, I fix my wife's watches. and I make knives and tomohawks in my blacksmith shop and make some side money. but I had many more things I did that were destructive and time consuming.

  • My own mind!!! That's what haunts me. No matter what I do, even after one year of separation, all I think about is my wife. I don't think it will ever go away. I actually won't let it go away because I made a commitment to my wife under God and while my wife is living I must stay committed to her. My mind will always think about that. I am watching the video that Tessy put up for us and this preacher says you wife is your wife, even if she breathes fire, she is your wife. This is a really good video. The sad part is how my wife's decision leaves me. I can't remarry.

    I would like to think I have a choice but I really don't if I value my salvation.

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