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Dare 22

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The call to love is a call to sacrifice. I choose to sacrifice my time, my energy, my money, my youth, my strength, my thoughts, to the God of creation. I choose to follow Him. my dad is a great man and I am blessed to call him father, he has a saying that stands in my memory, "A man does what is right when: it isn't fun, it isn't popular, when no one else is doing it, when it hurts, when you don't want to, how does a man know what to do? a man must hear from God." I have been a fool not to take the advice of those around me, but as a man I stand corrected by God as a sinner saved by the Neverending grace of my Father in heaven. I choose to love, my God, my wife, my father-inlaw, and those who are against me, because my God "while I was yet a sinner Christ died/loved for me." is the any room for hate, anger, discontent, or slander

  • Loving our enemies and those that hurt us....This is so against what the world teaches us from day one.  And it is, at least for me, such an unnatural reaction due to my flesh being so strong.

    but with Christ's  strength and wisdom, we can love those that persecute us.

    And somehow, even with no contact from us, our persecutors so often see or hear of our love for them.  God somehow lets them know what they need to  know while letting us know what we need to know.

  • Its hard to love your enemies. But necessary. How, is the big question. I struggle with this. I pray. I do know that the best way to help them is to show them through actions. Live life according to God's word and your testimony will be seen.

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