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Dare 20

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This dare is not waisted, I just read in a book by Watchman Nee that Jesus waisted himself on the cross for us. How can I look at doing anything for God as a waist of time. I have spent my life trying not to waist my time and making my life better, not knowing that that seeking a right relationship with my Jesus was what I was missing. His yoke is light and it is a joy to carry, I will take time to rededicate my life often because I know I am a weak willed man, and need to look to my savior over and over again like a compass to remind me of my bearings. 

  • You're not weak. Never speak negative connotations over your life, always positive thinking and thoughts into words. There is power in the tongue. Every morning when you get up, resolve to eschew evil and cleave to good.

    Finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.

  • The world teaches us to chase everything but what is important for a good and better life.  But what it takes to get that peace filled, joyous life we are looking for has always been right there, waiting for us.  

    When/if you feel settled in your prayer life, etc. seek new ways to grow closer to Christ.

  • I went 25 years searching for something until I realized it was Jesus all along. I keep in contact with so many people in order to keep me accountable for living for God because I too feel weak sometimes. It's easy to break in times like these. We have to keep each other going and on the right path, the narrow path.

    While you are standing for your marriage you can be certain the devil is working hard to destroy it. Rebuke him daily and stay on the right path.

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