Collaborate without boundaries

Dare 19

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Looking back I can see many areas where I needed the grace of God in my life. I am so glad that his saving grace is so sufficient and all encompassing, otherwise I would be in dire straights. My focus was on providing a place for my family to live, feeding them and giving them the necessities. God has changed this, my focus is seeking him and following him, in hope, that he will also reconcile my marriage.  

  • It is amazing how we change due to living and doing the dares as best we can.  If not already, you will soon appreciate this trial other than the people that are hurting because of it. Because of how this trial brought you closer to God in this journey.  

  • We should all be able to see that. Great observation. We worry about all that stuff but if you let God be in control He will take care of all that stuff. Plus provide happiness. It's a win/win with God.

  • The joy and peace that are found as you seek God first is a wonderful blessing.

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