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As far as I know my wife still thinks of us as still married, but I haven' s her in 2 months, so no go on dinner but I will send her a message and ask anyway. I love my wife diffrently now that I am following the Lord, I see her as a companion now not so much an object. 

I will begin to ask her questions, I think that it is a good exercise for both of us, as I will be praying about what to ask and she will be met with where her heart is in relation to the answer.

God is mighty to save and I love Him. My heart is overwhelmed, Lord search me and know me try me and know my thoughts see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting. 

  • I love your sentence about loving your wife differently now that you are following the Lord. I can relate. I will tell you that two years ago I hated my wife. Things had gotten so bad that I didn't want to be around her at all. That's a huge factor in why I am in the situation I am today. But , now, since I understand agape love I understand how to love my wife. It's not eros or mania love. I truly love my wife because she is a person I made a commitment to and I CHOOSE to love her. It's not magic. It's not obsession. It's a choice. It's God. She doesn't have to love me back.

    I tell myself God has done far more powerful things than save my marriage. He can do it. In His time. Yours too Josh.

  • She read my Messenger post but as always didn't respond. she does read them though that is something.

  • I may be interpreting what you said wrong, and if so I apologize.  but where you say it is a goo excersize for both of us......for right now, keep your thoughts on just the changes you need to make and the things you need to do.  Not on her.  That is part of you having expectations of her and these expectations will only disappoint.  Have no expectations for now.  Remember to look at this as  your journey with Christ.  

    That's great you asked her.  

  • Thanks tim for the reminder, I tend to do that and try to split my hope between God and MH.

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