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Dare 16

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Todays dare wasn't that hard, I have been praying for MH sense the first day, what I did find hard was finding something new to pray. I guess that isn't that important but it makes me feel ignorant of the needs of my wife. I have been asking God to show me what is going on in her life and he has given me small glimpses. I feel so faithless when I think about asking God to show me where my MH needs prayer and think he won't tell me. 

I know God is faithful and I know I am in his hand, as is my wife, and as we walk toward him we will meet at his wrist. I know she is a believer and that she seeks God and prays, So I should be able to just sit back and trust that he will do the work he promised to do, but it's so hard waiting, here I am complaining and it hasn't even been 6 months, and we aren't even talking about divorce. I am such a week and anxious person. I thank God that this situation doesn't rely on my ability or intelect to come around.

  • Rejoice in God that she is a believer and she isn't talking d.  Thank God for  that.  

    But keep seeking in prayer.

    If you pray for her and find your prayer sounding selfish. Such as please bring her back (so that you are comforted.)  It may be best to simply pray for God's will in her life.  That pretty much covers everything.

    As you continue in this trial,  let  it build your faith and hope and  endurance in Christ.

  • Sit back and let God do all the work. Continue to pray for her and your own wisdom.

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