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Dare 15

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Today's dare was not hard, I just spoke honoringly of my wife with every one I talked with today. I got to see my girls today and gave them the cards, I need to stop expecting to see anything from them that they are changing towards me but it is hard. We sat around and talked about the fun things they are doing at church with our extended family that are shunning me, in hurts so bad that right now just thinking about it my chest hurts.

God is in control the times when we feel farthest from him and the work on us and those around us is because he is growing in us roots, he must grow us down before he can grow us up. This is a comfort that can last a lifetime, in the wilderness experience we go through, we are given a choice: 1. give up? 2. stay in the wilderness and see God work. those who stay in this LD Fight have chosen #2 and for that we are called to endure all manner of hardships and trials, but the reward of staying in the game is worth it in the end. the first option #1 you will die in the wilderness like the Israel did when they refused to go into the promised land. 

  • Our flesh, evil, and our emotions lead us to number one.  But no 2 leads us to build endurance in Christ and find joy in Him.  Sometimes doing so we die to ourselves but this brings us to doing God's will.  And dying to  self does mean sacrifice, but sacrifice brings peace and keeps us from worldly frustration.  

    Keep growing in the dares and know God is working in her when you keep standing for the marriage.

  • Just imagine what Paul endured for Christ. We can't even come close to that yet he never stopped believing. He was content in all circumstances, even in prison. He continuously wrote about how blessed he was to be able to serve Christ. If we can live by his inspired words there is nothing on this earth that can hurt us.

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