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Dare 11

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Well... I don't know how to do this Dare due to not contact with my wife, but I'm praying about it. Jesus loves MH, that is why I love her. I don't know how to express that without "face to face" or at least "ear to ear". I can only email her and message her on Facebook so my options are limited to TEXT only, but I know God can use any thing to get the point across (he used a donkey) and I know it is not in his will for us to be separated. I just tried calling her cell but its off and the mailbox is full so no go.

I was going through the 19 psalm last night and found a study I want to do on verses 7-11, it caught my eye and made me think, it has been amazing to me to see how the Lord is giving me a strong desire to look into his word other than to just read it, I don't study well so the desire foreign to me, and I look forward to what he has in store for me as I continue grow in my walk with him.

  • The hardest dares to do, when you attempt them the best you can, are the dares you grow in Christ the most in, even if you aren't able to communicate with her.  

    it is a good feeling when reading the bible and a verse sticks out and makes an impact.  It happened to me last night.  Keep growing in Christ as you are through the dares, prayer, reading and studying the bible, church, fellowship, etc.  

  • I've been studying Romans. I try to do a chapter a day. Last night was chapter 6, which could be one of the best chapters in the Bible. It starts off saying that just because we are covered by grace doesn't mean we should sin. We have died to sin thanks to being buried in baptism with Christ. Then it ends saying we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. The chapter speaks of our constant struggle with sin and it's something that only Jesus can overcome. So we must not only read these words but we must live them. Our spouses are not living them and have no desire to do so right now so we have to be the example. I am having difficulty with the dares also due to no contact but trust me other people around you see you doing your best and changing and living for Christ. One day your spouse will see that. One day her eyes will be opened and the love of God will pour into her. It's your job to show her first how that feels. Walk with Jesus everyday Josh.

  • Thanks Eddie that is exactly what I needed to hear it is great to be in the company of believers going through the same stuff,

  • God can and does use anything.  Do the dares to the best of your ability - God makes up for the rest.

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