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Dare 10

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I bought a nice KJV (my wife's favorite) and sent it to her this week it should have gotten there today, back when we were first married I bought her a bible at Wal-Mart not having ever purchased a bible before I didn't know the difference between a nice bible and a presentation bible, my mistake, we argued she still has it after 16 years. This was my reason for choosing a bible for this dare.

I find with no contact at all that my mind runs around all the possibilities, her possible thoughts, feelings, direction, and it wears me out. This morning reading psalms. My grandfather turned this into a daily prayer and I remember reciting it with him.

Psalms 19:14 May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, My strength and my redeemer. (Amen)

It reminded that to think about worthy things(Phil.4:8) is a choice just like love, Lord help me this day to make the choice not just to love unconditionally but to allow you to work in me the desire and ability to think and speak things that are acceptable to you and a pleasing service to you.


  • When those thoughts pop up that wear you out about what she's up to or thinking,  go back to  the verse you mentioned.  And remember dare 7 that loves believes the best.  

    Our flesh and evil push us to thinking the worse.  Love believes the best.

  • Amen, thanks It is a constant struggle. but the outcome of being the man God wants me to be is the greatest goal a man can achieve.

    have you read Finishing Strong by Steve Fararr? I think every man should read it. For those just started in the dares it is a must.  One of my accountability partners gave it to me, that is why I stopped the dares, I read it and was given renewed vigor for serving God and my wife in His love.

  • Psalms (and Proverbs) are great books to read to keep your mind in the right place.

    Hopefully she picks that Bible up and God uses it to talk to her. Everything in life is just one simple choice away. She makes a decision and a commitment to fix the marriage and the rest is history.

    After one year my mind still does the same thing. It creates all these possibilities, most of which will never come true. It's a waste of time to think about things like that. With no contact for the last three months the only input I get about my wife's thoughts come from our children and they are nothing but negative, but I still have to believe the best. You still have to believe the best. Because love always believes the best.

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