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Dare 9

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I sent MH a note on Messenger, she read it. I know that I have to wait on the Lord but this no contact of any kind is torture. I know God is working though, at my last visit with my daughters my oldest playfully poked me in the shoulder, its the first physical contact I have received from my family for 2 months. fighting the feeling that I am going to have to live as a Chased Bachelor for the rest of my life. I know this is from the Devil and that I don't have to fear, I love and serve God, and perfect love casts out fear.  

I spoke to my councilor last night, as I have been put under church discipline and told by my elders that I cant be involved in any ministry at the church I am attending (not my home church as I am shunned) I was obeying there instruction and feeling useless, he encouraged me to start helping out at my church anyways because their demands are unreasonable, as they have taken away support and are manipulating my situation. my only fear is that my wife may look at it as disobedience, but that is not trusting God.

  • It is tough when no contact with her or the kids is going on.  But, let God fill all the voids you feel.  He is more than sufficient.  

  • I am assuming the note you sent was for the dare.  If so, could you have called and left a voice mail if she wouldn't answer?  (If the note was not for the dare, that is going above a dare a day. and will get in her space)

  • I don't know what to think about this. I know the elders can discipline members but I'm not sure how that works. I am a relatively young Christian. In our men's meeting a few weeks ago the elders in our church talked about the possible discipline of some members who have not been in faithful attendance. I believe it still has to be done in love and I can't imagine you wouldn't be able to attend services there. I would think that faithful attendance on your part would be a step in the right direction and show them you are living a Godly life now.

    No contact is torture. It doesn't get better either. I've not spoken with my wife in three months and I have so many things to say to her. You have to put ALL your faith in God. Even if it doesn't work out any time soon that doesn't mean it will never work out. God's time is not understandable to us. He will make things right if you have patience.

  • I'm not able to call, or I would. I think she is shunning me with the church. Yes, he is more than sufficient and has been my close companion since they nocked my props out and I landed on me knees before Him. It is hard though putting all this into practice.

  • My wife tried to use other's to shun me also. People are not stupid though and they figure out the truth in time. Our church never once took sides but other people did. My own mother jumped all over me at first. Then after a few months realized there was something wrong with my wife. Since then our two oldest biological children have figured out the truth, my father-in-law has ceased contact with my wife, her brother no longer believes her, my youngest sister no longer believes her and one of her really good friends said she thinks something may be amiss. She is slowly losing those around her. My oldest sister is the latest to be drawn into this because my wife contacted her and told her I was being a terrible person. I'm sure in a few months she will figure out the truth.

    You have to be the better person and look beyond all of this. You have to live by God's commandments and show your wife the unconditional love that Jesus showed to us.

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