Collaborate without boundaries
  • Discouraged

    Today is day 23. I have done the dares as best I can with no contact. He will not answer texts and will not answer the phone. He is adamant he will not stay married. On top of that, my lawyer says that his preoccupation with his hobbies and failure to...
  • Advice

    Advice husband is a believer, but has turned from God. We have been separated for quite a while, but he said he was committed to eventual reconciliation until his mother died in January. At that point he refuses to talk to me, citing my dislike...
  • Hard day

    Today is very hard. I am sitting at the airport alone, waiting to board a plane taking me to my son's boot camp graduation. I have done all of the dares as best I can having no contact except by email and text, but have received no response so far...
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