Collaborate without boundaries

Day 1

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I'm not sure what how to feel about this.  Day 1 is hard because I am learning I am a very negative person.  Throughout our seperation the only way I could get him to respond was to fight with him.  Otherwise I wouldn't talk to him for days and my heart was broken.  I want to just yell at him!! He abandoned us for some other woman.  I have the power company calling, I have nothing in the fridge, no money, and he gets to go play house.  It's not fair and it is really hard not to send a text with a negative comment.  The Lord has been working on this with me for quite awhile and I believed I was making progress until today lol  The thing is, he doesn't believe that I really love him, but I do.  I'm just very broken and very scared.  He was always the man I went to for comfort and now I can't.  God is teaching me to rely on Him more and my husband less.  It makes things easier, it's just hard to keep the doubt out and when doubt sneaks in, it's when the devil can convince to belittle my husband and get mad for what he's not doing.  In reality, there's a whole lot I'm not doing either.  When I began this dare my hope was to grow closer to God but to also have my husband come rushing home.  While I want him home desperately, this journey needs to be focused on God and let him handle the rest for me.  

  • THat's great you are already seeing this will be a journey with God.  Not with your husband, but he will be used as a tool to mold you.  Do a dare a day, no more, no less.  This will give him the space he wants and keep you from trying to take control from God.  Do not read ahead in the book,except the appendix, especially about leading the heart.

    Do the dares as intended without changing them to make them easier.  If things get worse before it gets better, do not worry, it will serve purpose.  


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