Day 1 DIGITAL COPY (Please note: I decided to make digital record of my journal to share and also should anything happen to the original book, however with this site as unstable as it is, I do not know if the purpose will be served)


DAY 1.


"I feel this is cheating because we didnt talk today. I messaged her but got very little response. When she was driving home I tried to call her, but she did not answer. I wanted to be mad and lash out but I did my best to hold my "tongue". I normally get upset when she ignores me, but I love her and if the lord had meant for us to talk today, we would have.

By not sending any angry messages, I have completed the first dare.

I understand her being so far from me, Its not always possible to talk, But I do wish it was more then "never".


Ooops, is that hateful, Ill have to pray on it I guess.