Collaborate without boundaries
  • How to be intimate?

    well today is something awkward for her. We will be working together today. On our way to work I tried to talk her by asking questions like what I did that she liked, or hate or love and everything else. But she wont say anything. She just said too tire...
  • Praying

    Well, today kinda started differently..I woke up and decided to go to her and she was asleep. So, I just wanted to tell her good morning but since she was sleeping I touched her forehead and said goor morning..she woke up though and maybe wondering what...
  • Honoring her

    yes, we do live together. I gave her the space she wanted. We are not sleeping together. I sleep in the room coz she said she likes to study in the living room and then sleep there. The kids love to sleep with me the room. Sometime we do see each other...
  • This dare is something that’s hard to do

    i know the day just started and I already said this dare is so hard to do. I dont even know if I could even complete it. She said she want the space. How can I do the dare without flying over her air space? I can be in the same room but not talking..last...
  • Made my list instead

    My list to to make fight fair Listen to her first before you answer. Speak gently and calmly. Admit if you are wrong. Consider her feelings, thought and opinion. Respect her. Dont let pride prevail. You are working to make your marriage to be better....
  • Well, today is something I’ve never done..not get angry

    Well, today is tough..i dunno what to do. I mean today I still doing my chores at home..made her breakfast and lunch and prepare our kid who goes to school. Our youngest is sick and took care of him all night coz I told her not to..i dont want her to...
  • Love cherishes..tired

    well, how do I show that I cherish her wheb she said it last night to stop giving her gift, letters/notes and flowers and whatever gestures. She said she had decided already. Our marriage is done. All I said was I’m not giving up. All I could really...
  • just went from good to bad

    So, I decided to pick up my wife to surprise her. Bought flowers and wrote a little in the card. She said she still going to the mall. I told her it’s ok I will be with her and follow her where ever she will go. I will patiently wait til she’s...
  • Day 10 what to do?

    I do most of the stuff at home. Laundry, cook, clean up the bathroom and sometime clean everything..I’m confused of what to do for this dare..I’ll update later..
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