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Love meets sexual needs R2

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It’s more on staying focus on my dare and my relationship with GOD and I failed both. First I assumed since last night when i asked her if she is working today she said yes..the i asked if I could just drive her since its close to where im covering. She said No the. She said I will let her friend know that I will drive her to work..but inthe morning i prepared early and then when she was done she said she wont be taking ride with me coz they are doing carpool and its a hustle calling everyone that she wont go with, i got into an argument which I conceded coz she said the carpool is there already..Before work was done I asked her if I could pick her up..where she will be dropped by her ride..she said yes..I know I was pushy.. but I just wanna serve her..i just wanna do things for least before I leave for my 2 weeks vacation..Here I am now waiting for her to text me where she will be dropped and I could pick her up..This weekend has not been great for me..been out of focus on my dares and goals..

  • Get in your Bible. Whenever you feel weak read God's word. Read Proverbs and really think about what you are reading.

    You can offer to give her rides but no more than that. You can't influence her decision right now. Your offer lets her know you love her and are thinking about her. What she decides to do is what she needs to do to make sense of things. Don't push her and make sure you give her some space. I know my wife used to constantly talk about "space" and wanting to learn to be on her own. So I have to honor that right now and not snoop or worry about what she is doing because I can't change it anyway.

    It's good that you see all of this and realize you could be doing better. Just keep that mindset and trust that God will get you through this.

    Hang in there. I pray for you a lot.

    "The LORD is high above all nations; His glory is above the heavens. Who is like the LORD our God, Who is enthroned on high, Who humbles Himself to behold The things that are in heaven and in the earth?"

    Psalm 113:4-6

  • Heh Eddie,

    So, I picked her up today and she told me she had plans today..she’s going to church with her girl with our roommate(buy some gift)..she said she wont go to the house warming party so she’s just buying the gift..Then when we arrived we talked a little..told her about what i feel..told her I want to do everything for her..all the things I dont do before..I’m doing everything to make up from everything I’ve never done..for all my mistakes..from forgetting that aside from my kids and me time, there should be me and her time..and family time.. I told her about last night, that I wanted to only talk with her while waiting for her coworker to pick her up..I wasn’t jealous or anything..I just wanted to talk to her while waiting..she didn’t say alot except I should have done that before..and she said well, I learned to be independent now..i had adopted.. after talking she went to the apartment first and I stayed in the think..I actually feel better after talking..I let her hear what I had in mind and i got a little from her too.. I have to find a better way to really calm me down..aside from praying..maybe reading the bible is one..thanks for the advice..

  • A dare a day, no more, no less.  Youi're in her face way too much.  When you're in her face, you push God out of place.  You can be first in front of her, or God can.

    To me, it seems like you are really trying to find comfort from her, by saying you want to serve her.  But all this in her space is not helping.  

    If she needs a ride or picked up, maybe think of saying if you need a ride, let me know. Not asking her if you can pick her up.   She will see the difference in how you asked.  One way sounds like you are wanting to smother her.  The other way you are offering yet leaving her in control.

  • I know you want to be with her and talk to her.  But sometimes we really use the excuse that we want to talk to them so that we can really keep track of what they are doing or limiting the time they can spend with others that we may be jealous of.

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