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Love and marriage R2

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this morning I woke up and my wife already awake and done shower already. I did my usuall thingd every morning. Ate breakfast and help our kid prepare for school. Then she started trying her stuff..what she will wear tonight for there dinner..a treat from their clinic’s owner. I was her helper and she asks me questions like do I look good? Which one is better? I’m honest to tell her which one is better dress and what I think about it. She choose the one that I liked anyway to my delight. She does look pretty with it. Anyway, she left but before she left I asked her if I could kiss her..she said ok and I kiss her forehead this time. She didn’t resist it which was unusuall coz she only let me kiss her hear by the hair not the forehead. The. i said bye and i love you..she said bye but not the other one..i wasn’t expecting any, anyway..we had a good start for today..

the day just started so, i will update this post later..

  • the good start in the day is a big part due to you having no expectations of her saying it back.  

  • Baby steps. Sounds like you did it all right. Asking her before you do anything is a great move. Very respectful.

    No expectations- GREAT.

    "So in everything, do unto others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."

    Matthew 7:12

  • I know..earlier at work I felt down and felt happens on our down time at work..when I went for break I just went on to pray..I felt alone that time..that usually trigger all of what I feel..Pray was my only refuge..I pray all the time when i feel down..

    i know my wife will go out tonight with coworkers and the boss..Sometimes, I feel that i need to know what is going on..and that usually starts the fight..So after praying I just told myself to let it GOD more.. I can’t ruin my good start of the day just because I felt down..I wont let it destroy my good day..If I have to pray more..I will do it.

  • I arrived home and she was still home..changing for the company dinner..her coworker was gonna pick her up..when she went out to wait for him..i told her i will wait with her while waiting for him. I only want to at least steal sometime with her and talk..she got angry, she hop in to her ride and I went to just say hi..the coworker told me it’s their company dinner..didn’t matter to me coz I know and I dont really care..I already know where she was going..and I just wanted to be with her while she wait..I know, I was a little pushy to do it..i told my sister about it..she said, that what she hates(my wife) sister told me she mighy think Im monitoring her..that’s why she was angry..could be but I didnt really think like that..I did say sorry to her through text message..told her what I was did was just to talk while waiting..nothing else..that I trust her..didn’t mean to make her get mad..

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