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Sacrifices R2

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The dare is kinda easy if I look at all those sacrifice like being out for work just to take care of our sick kids and her sick dad..and she finally enrolled for the spring semester of her DPT program. She asked me if she could use my card for payment. I said yes ofcourse..she promised to pay it..I wouldn’t mind if she wont pay though..or even if she will pay just half of it..I won’t care..after all she’s my wife..Things is much better now a days..we talk a little more than our last fight..that was 2 weeks ago..As I’ve said on my last post letting go of expectation was a big help..and last night she told me ahe wont be going with us for church coz she will go at the Night Mass..something traditional for filipino the Philippines it is done at 4-5am for 9 days before Christmas day..but since we are in the US..they do it at night 7pm..I was a little disappointed but I realize I was still expecting..but I got hold of myself and said OK..not a problem..I prayed for the mistake I made..for expecting again..I will continue to pray that I will finally be able to avoid making mistakes over again..

  • Thank God she is choosing to go to Mass. I pray she is going because she wants to, not because she is fulfilling an obligation.  But either way, it is good she is going.

  • After all she's my wife....... I recently paid $190 for the car my wife drives to be fixed. She calls it her car, which drives me crazy. I call it our car or the Jetta. I need to get these little things out of my head. They are insignificant. What's bad is that my wife makes more money than me, has more money than me, and saves money better than me so I'm sitting with negative funds in my account for the next four days. She said she would pay me back but I told her I'm not worried about it. She's my wife. What's mine is hers.

    I tell everyone on here to get rid of expectations then almost every day I find myself getting upset because my wife didn't behave as I expected. Its hard man. It really is. All we can do is realize what we're doing and keep working to change it. Asking for forgiveness is all you can do because we are all going to make mistakes.

    "The hope of the righteous brings joy, but the expectation of the wicked will perish."

    Proverbs 10:28

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