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I do this dare everyday..everytime I pray I always ask for forgiveness to the Lord.. To my wife, I already accepted my faults to her..I’m actually beginning to learn how to be patient on everything..let go of things like always be in control( the hardest to let go)..I don’t text her much often now just to know what or where or when..I just let it go..I do text her sometimes just to say Hello or tell her about kids..And I dont expect a reply anymore.. I call her too but if she doesn’t answer..that’s it..I dont call her again. I feel better now that I started doing it..So I guess Im doing the right thing..And so far..eversince our last figth..we had been in good terms lately..I must be doing good..everytime I feel weak..I just pray for strength and patience..praying has been helping me a lot on my daily life specially when i feel weak and about to do some stupid things that could destroy our relationship..Praying calms me down and help me to concentrate to do the right things..I’m still not close to what I want but I’m getting there..slowly but I’m getting there..

  • Keep the momentum going in your journey, it may slow down as you do better and better, but we never reach perfection in Christ.  

    Things are getting better or  have been better you mention.  That's great.  It's because you have changed through doing the dares and opened the door more fully for Christ to work in her, and you.  

    Part of the change that opened the door was letting go of calling and texting so much.  consider if you need to lesson the number of calls or texts still.  To continue that  space.  She notices you are not  trying to contact her as much, but, is she rolling her eyes and saying ugh when she sees a text come from you?  Just pray about it and consider if you should stop the texts you send just to say hi.

  • Patience is tough. I can emphasize. I’ve always said it’s my worst attribute. I have been working diligently on it for months. Get into your Bible. There’s so much on patience. God works in His time and we need to rely on Him to fulfill His promises but not in the time frame we expect.

    I thought patience was tough then I came face to face with control. I had no idea how controlling I was. It took a lot for me to let go of our bills. I have always paid them and my wife wanted to be responsible for her own bills so I prayed and prayed and finally let go of that. It was very difficult. Then that brought up other issues of control in our lives. I realized my control issues were out of control. So really step back and look at your situation. Talk to a therapist or close Christian friend and ask them to honestly tell you what they see. You could be surprised.

    Expectations, as always, are nothing but harmful. Completely get rid of them. You can only control yourself. Show love in everything, read our Bible and pray. 100% devotion to God.

    You will slowly get there. It takes time to heal. There’s a lot of pain and it will leave scars. God is the only one to lean on. Not your spouse, not your friends. God is the way.

    It is good to give your wife space. My therapist recommends to me to once a day just ask my wife if there's anything I can do for her and leave it at that. Put myself out there and leave it in her hands to make a choice.

    “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

    John 14:6

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