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faithful R2

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This dare is easy to do but dont expect any result..that’s what I did..I always say I love her. I say it to her everyday but now I dont expect her to say anything..i learned not to expect anymore..but it doesn’t I quit on our marriage..I love her no matter what..even if she wont return it now..I will wait no matter how long it will take..I will continue to build my relationship with GOD..and let HIM work on my marriage..I trust GOD on helping me get throught my trials.

  • It's so hard to wait on God. He works in His time and we all want things to be done on our time. I've figured out that the amount of pain resulting from my wife leaving is inversely proportional to how much I allow God to lead me. His love sustains me.

  • Continue having no expectations of her, but great expectations of the power of God to work in your life, for your good.  

  • Well, today she went out with her coworker and our roommate to the outlets to shop for gifts to be send mostly to Philippines(her family)..I prayed to GOD for their safety as they travel to the outlet coz it’s snowing today..I also prayed to GOD to give me patience and strength..I know she asked for space so Im trying hard not to text or call her to give her that space..I remember last weekend when we has an arguement..When i asked her if there is something between her coworker and her..she told me NO while looking straight to my eyes..and told me problem I have..TRUST..She hinted I dont trust her that’s why I keep texting and calling and even look at Find My iPhone app,.so Now I have not texted or called her or find my iphone her..I have to trust her..coz I love her.. i will continue not to expect anything..I have to learn to trust her more as much I trust GOD to help me on my trials..

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