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Satisfied in God R2

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Today’s dare..I have this app that every 6am it sends an alert of the scripture I will read. 

Today I got this Psalm 91:1-3 “he is my refuge and my fortress; my God, In whom I trust”.

I’m starting to learn to trust God more. When I feel weak I run to God and prag for strength and patience..and guidance..

All I have been doing this time is pray. I pray for our marriage, patience, strength and guidance to do the right thing.. we talk to each other sometimes since we last fought last weekend. I did at one point help her sort out old toys and clean up the bath room..She still allow me to kiss her on her head before I leave for work and sleep at night..I still do my chores and cook lunch for work for her..As much as I can..I try not to think much of what is happening between us..I try to keep myself busy and when I feel weak and I wanna talk  or text her..I try to avoid it..I just pray not to be tempted to do it..I wanna give her the space specially after our fight last week. Today, I also asked if she could buy me stuff for my sister..she said yes..anyway, i will continue to focus on myself and my relationship with GOD..learn to trust him more...and pray

  • in your time of prayer, leave a few minutes, or whatever amount of time you deem appropriate, to be quiet, and give this time to God to speak to you.  He likes our  prayers, but we so often make prayer time one sided.  and we all grow old when our friends talk and talk but don't give us any time to  talk or respond.  

    You may already give God time in your prayer time, but I often forget to.  

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