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Love is Jesus Christ R2

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todays dare..I’m back to really concentration on myself and GOD..I pray everyday for my marriage, patience, strength and guidance..When I feel weak..I pray to GOD to help me get through what is troubling me that time...I have to learn to trust GOD more..make myself to be better person through the help of GOD..

  • Life will become so much easier and better and less stressful as you gain more  and more  trust  in God.  Who can solve your problems better than God, certainly not you, nor I in my problems.  

  • Finally the group I’m trying to contact from the church reached out..but they are slow to reply..hopefully they will contact me again..I told them where I, theg will surely refer me to the person incharge near my place..hopefully i will get to join them one day..

  • Patience is soooo difficult.

    "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." - Romans 12:12

    It's my biggest downfall. Remember God works in His time. Have faith in Him. Jesus said we are nothing without Him and He is correct.

  • Thanks Eddie...yes being patient is really hard..I resort to prayer when I become inpatient and weak.

    It is probably my downfall too..Im beginning to learn to trust GOD more..I will let GOD work on my problem on his time and way..The lord will lead me to the right way.

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