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looking back for the last two days..we have been fighting..I realized that before that happened I had a or two good week..we started talking and laughing together..I got comfortable and begun to expect again..I forgot that first thing and my only in the rule..not to expect anything..I lost focus..expecting something from her makes me irritable and angry specially when it is not met..I know I’ve failed my last two dares..but today’s dare made me realize that I have to stop expecting..

it doesn’t mean I’m giving up..but I know there is less chance between me and my wife but I will continue to do my Dares and continue praying...i have to really really learn to trust GOD more..I did that today..I hope I can continue doing it everyday and not lose my focus on Not Expecting anything..

  • That's great  that you see how when things get better even for a short time, we end up saying Thanks God, I can take over now.  But we must always remember, it was God, not us, that  got  us to the point things are better.  

    As you continue in this journey, your endurance in Christ will grow, and controlling  your emotions instead of them  controlling you will become easier.  

    Have no expectations of when God will show his work in the  marriage either.  It is all on His time.  

  • It took me a long while to get over those expectations. Actually I'm still not. It's so entrenched in your human nature. Things do feel much better without expectations though. Pray when you start to feel that way. God always brings a smile to my face when I talk to Him and He tells me how silly it is to expect someone to behave exactly how I want them to.

    As long as you are reading and attempting your dares you are not failing. You are learning more about yourself and God's unconditional love every time.

    Don't give up. I talked to a guest preacher at our church a couple months ago and asked him how long I should wait for my wife. His words have stuck with me every day since then. He said "You wait forever! Even if she leaves you!" God put you two together and God does not make mistakes.

    Hang in there.

  • Eddie, thank you. It’s a great advice..I will never quit..I will never stop waiting. Yes I know..I have to stop expecting but It doesn’t mean I quit or stop waiting for her. I’m holding my thought on talking to the guy coz I might be wrong about me getting jealous..and I could make things worse..this is really not up to me now..but it doesn’t mean I will stop loving her and trying to make our marriage work. For now I’m giving her the space she wants and trust on the words she told me that there is nothing between them..But whatever happens I will never give up on our marriage..and put everything to GOD now..and not lose focus on my goals..the be closer to GOD..

  • As I believe the book says, I need to read it again, it's been too long, there is a justified jealousy.  And he and she are wrong to be spending one on one time alone.  I responded about confrontation again in another post of yours Jade.

  • Tim, I know it’s jastifies confrontation..but am I ready if she will do what she said if I talk to the guy..I’m not..I just let it be..and it’s her decision anyway if she will do what i suspect what they have..I have to trust her word too..and trust that the Lord withh guide her to do the right thing. I do want to tell her my feelings about it..when I’m not angry and talk to her as gentle as I can..Coz last time I talk to her about it..I was angry..We both got very angry at each other..

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