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Love intercedes R2

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This dare, I have been praying for strength and patience..I also pray for her success on her studies..nothing I want for her..well, everyday i do pray for our marriage..

lastnight, was has been awhile since we talked like that..we had fun talking and laughing..til the next day..we were still good..I hope it continue.. all I did was just continue what I always do..I just do the dares and all my chores at home..and I think I giving her some space like not texting her all the fact today is the first time I texted her for the week.. needed to ask her something..Im not expecting a reply but that’s ok..I dont expect a lot anymore..I come home greets her and talk a bit like Hi, hello, how’s work..if she starts to converse I talk to..try to make a bit longer too..

I will continue to pray everyday for her success, her dad’s health and ours and our marriage.

  • I pray for your marriage too. That space is good. I had a problem with that for a while. I don't think they like a million texts a day. And those expectations can drown you if you let them. Keep it up man.

  • That's great things were good and you talked and laughed.  Thank God for that and let Him know you enjoy Him so much more.  And be cautious of trying to stretch the talks out.  Sometimes we can force conversations and get in there space or they start realizing they let their wall down and then they harden back up.  I am not saying you did that at all.  But just be aware of it.  

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