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Love is honorable R2

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Doing this dare is hard coz I always do things for her.. but today I brought her dad to a neuro doctor..after work we talked about our kids christmas gift list..we are almost done wth it..I think she didn’t wanna talk to me yesterday..she might be tired from work coz I caught her sleeping while watching tv..Anyway, after that I went on to pray before I sleep.. prayed for our marriage and her dads health..

  • Pray pray pray. You can never go wrong there. I understand what you mean when you say some of the dares are hard because you always do stuff anyway. One day when it suggested I do something unexpected for her I couldn't figure anything out because I already do much of the housework and she only comes home a few days a month so I prayed and God sent me the answer. For months she has been asking me to split up our bills and I have been reluctant because I see that as a step toward divorce and I don't believe that is the right thing to do. But, I swallowed my pride and let go of that control (control is one of her biggest complaints) and came up with a plan to divide the bills up. I'm pretty sure that was unexpected. I may still end up divorced but that doesn't mean it's over. I have to trust in God and His plan. Not mine. Keep working and trust in God.

  • Have always done all the work?  Or just since she is taking classes?  Sorry, I can't remember if she finished.  But if you started doing everything after she started studying so much, when she is finished, start slowly letting her start doing some of the things she use to do, otherwise she may feel useless and like the family doesn't need her.

  • But if you've always done all the work, well, I guess you continue even when school is over.  But you can also now and then ask for help with a chore because it could show unity and that you appreciate her and her help.

  • Eddie, I gave her control of her finances when she asked for it..she wants to know whete her money go..she does pay our bills..and I share some of my salary if I have something left..I see nothing wrong with that..and as you said yes we have to let go of Pride..And I agree with you..Control is the hardest to let go of..and it’s something I that i’m still struggling to let go but I’m slowly getting there.

  • Tim, yes, I ask her sometimes on things like to give or prepare our kids breakfast and lunch..mostly sandwich anyway...while I’m still cooking our lunch..I can’t handle everything on my own..I still let her clean up the toys everynight coz I think she feels conplete doing it..I think she wants to do it..specially when she asks the kids to help her..probably their bonding time.. I do what I always do everyday..the dares and the chores..

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