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Love takes delight R2

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todays dare was good..I had been not texting or calling my wife since we had that fight over the weekend..she goes to work and I nvever texted or call her..I had to be invisible..well, today When I arrive from work, she was having dinner..she didn’t say anything and me as well..I went straight to out eldest child to check on his spelling homework and help him finish his math homework. I ate after and still no talking..after letting my kid go to sleep..she went on to separate our kids old shirts and pants..the one they still use and the one that can’t be used and be given out..I helped out and carried the boxes as she was sorting..helped her arrange it on the drawers..we talked a little during that time..mostly deciding if it still fits them or not..I guess by doing it with her today makes me finish the dare for today.. after helping her out..she went on to sleep and I said my goodnight and kissed her on the head..and I prayed..prayed for our marriage and prayed for the health of her dad least now I could tell we could still talk to each other and work together too..

and i also asked her if we could bring the kids at Macy’s Santa Land at Manhattan this weekend but she said if we can do it next weekend..she has to work this weekend..I said ok..which ever she prefers..

  • Always greet your wife when you come home. It doesn't have to be with a kiss or hug or a big event, but greet her in some way and do not ignore her presence.

  • I admit, i was a little bz with the kids when I got home..they usually run to me the moment I come in the door..and then we went straight doing the homework with my backpack still on me..i know I didn’t say anything but we did look at each other eye to eye..

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