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I made a mistake today..on this dare..went on today to do errands for her..after work..i had to send money to the Philippines..anyway, wasn’t able to do it..was not able to reach the store on, I called her to tell her..but she panicked coz her dad’s bp was high..she wants to bring him an urgent care or ER..we ended up in the ER..doctors explained to her..well, my mistake was after all those 4 days straight doing bring her dad to the doctor, mri, accupuncture and ER..i was exhausted..i felt like I deserved a thank you..i nevered heard one..i was frustrated.. my weakness kicked in..expecting something..the devil really find ways to destroy us..and i gave in..i should not have expected anything in return and that was my fault..I feel like I’m going back again to zero..I will pray for my mistakes..that I may never do it again..

  • One thing that really took me by surprise when I read it on this site and find it hard to understand.  And I still dont understand, but I do believe it.

    And that is, God covers our mistakes.  

    Your mistake is covered.  

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