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Love is a covenant

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day 40, today started on a good note..and I could also say it ended as a good day..i never talked to her or asked her about us today. I just converse to her on A nice way. We talk calmly and sometimes a little raise of voice on her part but not really bad like when I started the dare but mostly calm. She asked me if she could buy a shoe/high heels. She plan to go with friends(common friends) on a filipino restobar with live band playing. Some of my co-workers will be there too. I plan not to go coz she already said I’m not going. Well, I guess she just want to go alone. She didn’t really tell me about it but I found out that she told our friend that I’m not going. So, I decided to go out alone on that day. I wanna stay away from home to avoid snooping on her. I planned to sleep in a hotel for a night. Well, she didn’t directly told me that she was going to that party but for whatever reason she asked me if she could buy the shoes. I don’t know why she asked me but I thought she is in control of her finances. I didn’t tell her that but I told her why not..I then asked her are you going to the party? She just gave me a nod. That means yes. So, I told her that I had a plan to be out that day too. I told her I’m sleeping on a hotel that day to give myself a rest. But offered myself to give her a ride if she needs me to pick her up to go home that night. She said I do t have to. I told her about my plan coz I want her to know even if she said she don’t love me, even if she doesn’t tell me where she is going, what she is doing..I still respect her as my wife..I want her to know that no matter what, even if she says she doesn’t care what I will do..I still love her and respect her that I will always let her know where I will go and what will I do. I will always ask for her permission coz she is my wife. I will always tell her. And even invite her. 

I dont really know if I completed the date but only one thing I know..I have made it..40 days..and I’m happy.. 40 days full of emotions..happy and sad..but it was fun..helped me a lot to be more closer to GOD. I still need to improve but I can say I have never felt this happy..thanks to the Love Dare I was able to comeback to my faith and be closer to GOD.

Thinking of doing another round.

  • Don't think of doing another round, just do it. Without delaying the start of the second round.

    If you feel you need to go to a hotel, that's great you told her about it.  But, even as she studies with another guy, she may be irrationally jealous and wonder what you are really doing at the hotel.  she may in her mind even question if you have another woman with you.  So, be fully open and let her know what's going on.  If you pick her up, she may even want to see your hotel room.  

  • It's good she is asking you about buying shoes.

    She will raise her voice even for no reason from time to time.  And as you continue the dares, you will realize you notice that when she raises her voice, you will notice less and less.  

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