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Day 39: Love Endures

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this is a late entry..before the I read the dare I was really ready to quit on our marriage. But I remember I have a dare to do. I read the 3 page from the book about the dare and bam it struck me..Love Never Fails.

As I do, I followed what was said on the dare. Wrote my letter but I didn’t give. I chickened out. Well, not really, I planned to give it to her on the weekend when I leave for a hike in Mohonk..I planned not to go home that day to and spend a night in a hotel just to rest and be away..i think I need a rest by that time..I will be done on the Love Dare by that time.

I still have my ups and downs doing the dares but I will endure this trial of my life. Make myself better with my relationship with GOD.

I planned to do a second round of the Love Dare. I will continue to pray for strength, patience and forgiveness.

  • Hey Jade, I know where you are coming from with the fear and lack of hope at times.  I do have questioned if it was too much or if I should give up at times.  I do however with great respect and care, suggest that you not take control of the situation by all of the plans in doing them.  Just do the dare as it comes up, and hand the result off to God.  It is our way that got us to where we are at.  I found that doing the dares on the day they came and as they were written helped my faith grow, even if it didn't have as great of an impact on the relationship with my wife.

    God Bless

  • Actually last night and this morning..we had a better day we were talking and not fighting. Yesterday when I told her that I made lunch for her(which I do everyday), she texted me and said Thank you(she never say that even before this happened) night we were able to talked too without fighting..this morning I was gonna cook for her lunch but she said somebody from work will bring food so, I dont have to cook. She actually asked to cook mussels and shrimp last night for her lunch..I woke up early yo do but she told me not to cook it..we still have a good conversation..I said bye and kiss her in the head..before I left..

    thank GOD I didn’t say anything about quitting yesterday..I read the dare and realize I should not give up. I have to continue and make this journey worth it. I will continue to build my relationship with GOD as I continue to my journey. Can’t believe I’ve reached this far on Love Dare..No regrets..looking to do another round..

  • Along with what Trey said, and like he said, do the dare on the day you are suppose to, especially if you are chicken to do it.  When you do the dares as intended on the day it comes up, you grow more in Christ  and open the door more fully for Him to work in both of you.  

    Most of us feel like quitting at times.  But often that can be evil tempting us.  So often when we want to quit, a good moment or day is ahead of us.  Just as you had.  But, beware, as you know, she may act cold again, just to show you she didn't soften and let go of her control.

  • Remember to lead your heart and not to let go of a covenant you included God in next time you feel like quitting.

    Enjoy the moments that were good and let God know you enjoy Him so much more.  Keep in mind it often gets worse before it gets better.  It may not happen and I am not thinking it will, but if it does, do not let her distract you from your walk in Christ.  And maybe the worse is already over for you.  Do not expect things to get worse.  

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