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Fulfilling her dreams

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I know right now there’s nothing that she want to finish for her career. Her DPT study. All could do is help her. I can be her hero for that by helpig her pay her not letting her pay all, by giving her a share of my salary to help her pay it. I know she might not want that but I wanna help. I will save everybit of my salary to help her. And I will also pray for her about her studies that she will be able to finish it without any problem. I will support her on whatever I can. I think that’s all I could do for the dare.. Support her on everything.

  • Dare completed.  

    Maybe I am assuming  things incorrectly.  But, if/when she comes back to the marriage completely, consider your money and her money both as our  money.  It sounds like your salary is used for certain things and her salary is used for certain things.  Consider no matter who makes more or that you both get paid, that all the money is both of yours.  This shows unity.  

  • You are correct about our money..hers is hers and mine is mine..but I still help out even if she earns more than me..i help her out coz I dont want her panicking that she is short of money even if Im the one should worry..anyway, doesn’t matter for me..she is still my wife and I will help her on any way I can..she really want to take cate of her finances and know where her money go..I cant blame her I didn’t include her on our finances before..I thought it was OK for her coz she never said anything...and I was wrong..anyway, i cant dwell ok the past but I will help her on everything..

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