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Praying together?

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Todays dare, I asked her to pray together, but she declined. I ended praying alone which I always do. I guess she ain’t ready to pray with me..we do go to church together sometimes sit together, sometime we dont..really depends if we are late or not..if we are late. I stand and she sit with our kid..the other one is on the reserve seat with his class for sunday class in the church..anyway, Im content right now going to church together. She still talk to me wiht tone...but she does call me when she needs to be pick up somewhere or help on something..she still defending her decision about our marriage which I cant really do anything but accept it and fight for it. 

I’m looking for a couselor in our church..maybe just me for now and maybe if she is ready she will join me..i know i have my brother to talk to but he is far away..i only talk to him through phone. Anyway, I will continue to do what I always patient and strong and never stop praying..

  • I am sure your church offers things now and then for married couples, such as I think it's called Marriage Encounter Weekend, or world wide marriage encounter weekend, and also Retrovaille.  Or a similar spelling.  But, both are for both spouses to go to.  Your's I doubt would go right now.  But that's ok.  I am sure someone in your parish or diocese has access to someone to talk to.  

    Thank God you have your brother.  Many of our brothers and sisters are against us standing for the marriage.  And thank God she is going to church.  

  • The dare was completed.  It's okay she declined.  Doing the dare opened the door more fully for God to work in her.  And showed you trusted God in doing the dare.  

    Her not always sitting by you is fine.  It gives her space and maybe opens her up a little more to listen to the homily and the readings and Gospel.  

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