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i do read the scripture..not everyday but at 6am I have an app that gives me the verses I read for the day..yesterday(the day of the dare)..she didn’t talk to me much..i just learned that she will be doing their 2000 hail mary with her friends..While I always pray my daily Rosary..I didn’t really wait for her to go home coz I know they will be done around midnight..but she called me asking me to pick her up..i was actually sleeping just woke up coz of the phone ringing..ofcourse I said yes..we didnt talk the time in the car..i went on to sleep when We got home..

  • That's great she's praying and you are reading those verses.  I am not sure how many verses that get sent to you, but consider along with those verses reading X amount of minutes in the bible each day.  

    That's fine you didn't talk.  In fact it may have given her enough space after asking you for a favor.  

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