Collaborate without boundaries


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today’s brother is always been my mentor on everything..from academics until to my marriage. I admire him so much when it comes to marriage and his faith to GOD. He always tell me to pray and always be patient with my wife. He taught how to pray the novena and told me about the book and the movie. I listen to him everyday and he gives me advices that is in accordance to our faith. He was the one who i courage me to fight for my marriage through GOD. and just because he is my brother..he is never bias..he is always fair to me and my wife..he always tell me to pray and be patient..and be strong..I could never look for anybody to mentor me but my brother...

  • Thank God you have a brother like that.  There may be a day someone will need you to be their mentor.  It isn't often we love sten to our siblings.  Didn't Jesus say something about a prophet is ignored by the people who know him?  So, it's good you're willing to let go of pride and listen to your brother.

  • Love sten..... Listen.

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