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love completes each other, how? How can I complete this dare when she doesn’t want to be part of it? Yes, I’m tryin to give her the space she wants. I already told her what I felt about the night study and other stuff. I always include her on decisions, specially about our kids. I always ask her about my plans for weekend and she always decline the offers. All I could really do is give her what she wants..which is the space she needs..I only text her when it’s about our kids..I have tried almost everything for her already..I have already entrusted everything to the Lord now..coz there’s nothin much I could do. I pray always that she will find peace and love. I prayed to GOD that I will take whatever HE will give. I’m not giving up on my marriage but I’m ready to face whatever GOD will give me..Her will is her will and there is nothing much I can do with that, but pray that she will make the right decision.

I feel like I failed this dare..but at least I tried to do including her on decision and plans..I gave her the freedom for her finances which what she really wants..and even gave her the space she wants..occassionlly I do talk to her about stuff..not about US..but kids and house stuff..

  • Maybe just pray that God's will is done in her life.  And not that she finds peace.  Because when we are in peace, we do not have the ambition to change or seek God's will.  Just as you and me didn't do any changing in our lives until we felt threatened by a possible divorce.  Long term yes, we want peace for our spouse, but maybe it's God's will for our spouses to feel the pain of a trial, to get their attention, so they seek God.  Because right now, they are doing much against God's will.

  • Oh, i wrote peace? I meant forgiveness on that one..I thought I changed it..sorry for the confusion.. I just leave everything to GOD now..I have not given up but I had done all that I could..and I will continue to do what the dare says me to do..and continue to work on my relationship with GOD..

    I had a good day yesterday..coz I was able to go to church on a Day of Obligation..and I didn’t talk much to her..but I did  have to coz of our kid..homework thing but he fell asleep when we both arrive home..anyway, I ended up waking up around 5am to let him do the homework..which he didn’t mind(our kid)...and had to tell her my plan for the weekend like I will bring the kids to go to the mall..choose a toy/shirt or whayever they want with a budget.. I invited her but she declined..Told her to bring our kid to sunday school coz I I will be out hiking with my co-workers at Mohonk..I need an outlet to let my mind at least be diverted even for a day..she said OK.. thanks for you reply..didn’t realize day 40 is near..Round 2 would be nice to do..

  • :do a round two. You will begin to see  a difference later from round one to round two.

    Sorry, I probably read your journal wrong when I replied about peace.  I went also to Mass.  I  notice sometimes when I go on days other than Sunday, that I get more out of Mass on those days than Sundays.  I guess I need to  change something there.  

    She showed you kindness about being okay with you going hiking.  Let her know you appreciate that.  Doesn't have to  be extravagant, but a  sincere thank you would  be good.  ( I am not  saying you haven't or won't  thank her  when you go. I am sure you would.)

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