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this dare was not completed. For one I dont really think I could complete this. She said we are separated or done but no divorce. We did talk and ended up her telling me more of the problem why she wants out. We also talked about the issue of her studying late with her guy co-worker/ got intense but all I could answer her was I’m just protecting my marriage coz I Love her..I’m still learning to really bite my tongue. Well, anyway, when things as about to go bad I walked away and went to bed before it will go very, I guess with her stance that she still dont love me and she said that’s it..I remain hopefull but I’m a little discourage..and about the co-worker/classmate, I already told her my feelings about it, now it’s really up to her..That’s all I could do for our marriage..

I may have not conpleted this dare but I still remain hopefull of our marriage..I pray to GOD to help me on my marriage and he will touch my wife with love and forgiveness.

  • She really doesn't know what she wants. Put no faith in her words that it is over.  She is saying that to justify her behavior.  she can not  say, oops, I made a mistake.  She doesn't want to look weak or like she is caving in.  She will be adamant for some time that it is over.  

    She may even keep saying these things or keep studying with him to test you.  to see if you are really willing to love her  enough to put up with what's  going on.

    Leave all the  worrying and what's going on in the study times with him to  God to handle.  And let God  fight that battle for you.  Trust Him in this regard that  He is working in not  just you as you can see, but also in her.  

    As you pray for  her to know what she should  do in regards to the study partner, you need to also pray for him as well.  YOu can't pray for one of them without  sincerely praying for the other.

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