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Love makes sacrifices

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well, I dont know if I conpleted this dare but this was intresting. She called me and asked which card to use to buy a wig for her costume..I thought she wants to do her finances  by herself. But she still called me to ask me that..I ended up deciding it for her..then I followed up a question if we could go together to but costume..she didnt say yes but texted me to bring the costume that she has to return...i guess that means we met each other at party city and bought our costumes..she ask opinions which I happily answered..when we got home..I over heard her talking to her friend that they had plans to go th next day..on the day of the party..I dunno I kinda said something...and my voice was raised..that I wont expect anymore if she will come to the party..she insisted she will come..but I still told her I dont want to be hurt and angry so, I will not expect it anymore..coz last time she went out with friends..she said she was gonna text me if she will go to church with us..but she didnt text and didnt go..i ended going to church with our kids alone..I was kinda angry about, I told her I dont wanna expect anymore..if she comes..great..if not hen its ok..I know I’m turned back to my old self..sometimes I just cant controll’s one thing I have to improve..and As I’ve said before be consistent..

  • Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.  You are getting better at listening I bet, and better at the slow to speak and slow to anger.  But, you really need to bite your tongue before and choose when not to say anything.  Our flesh wants to take control and right our hurts.  But that is a form of vengeance.  And God says to leave the vengeance to Him.  So, leave the vengeance to God.  If He sees vengeance is justified, who do you think can get her attention better, you or God.  If you think God can, leave all vengeance or anger for God to handle.  And then instead of feeling anger, feel sorry for her in the choices she's making.  Because these choices are not bringing her the happiness she is wanting.

  • Love believes the best.  Maybe she is going to your party for a while then another party later with her girlfriend.  

    And if she doesn't go to your party, look at it as more time for her to have her space.  And in the space she has is more time for God to work in her without you getting in his way.

  • Well, she is going to the party..which is great.They might go out tomorrow..i’m only sure about the studying somewhere tomorrow aroung 5pm-11pm.. i know I have to learn to bite my tongue. Hold back my anger..I did all weekday and on weekend sometime I cant..I have to really be consistent.. well, I will follow all your advice and hopefully I wont be defeated with my old self. God bless

  • as you continue, the old habits will die down.  Do not fear or worry if you lose control of your anger, even if she reacts poorly because of it.   God sees your effort and is there when you stumble.  

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