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Today’s dare was partly completed..I didn’t tell or talk to my wife about I’m not expecting anything anymore. I just decided that I shouldn’t expect anything from her. I used to get angry everytime I text her and I get no reply..I always expect she will reply. I always expect she will tell me where she go or what she will buy..on everything I expect her to tell me..but today I decided not to expect anything..

Today I had to text her to ask her if she’s going to the holloween party with my co-workers. They are expecting her to go. I didn’t expect her to answer me and I didn’t care. She did reply after how many hours..she said she is not sure..but I found out tonight she bought her costume..I ask her what it is for..she said its for her work holloween costume but she might also use it to our party..she keep changing her mind though about going to our party..I just told her it’s up to her. If she want to go or not..i’m not gonna force her..she asked help putting up her costume and asked for my opinion..I told her honestly and complimented her..even suggested that she should wear looks nice for her.. she keeps saying she might not go to our party coz she’s not sure about her costume..I’m not expecting really..I dont care if she backs out..but i hope she will go..but it’s her decision..I also asked her about sunday church..if she will go with us and the kids. She said yes..which is better.. I dont really expect anymore..whatever she decide I will take it calmly now..

today was nice..we were able to talk calmly and we spoke nicely was the first time we talked like that since 26 days ago..

She told me that she was gonna I said good night..we dont sleep together so I went to the bedroom and she sleep on the couch..

I choose not to expect because everytime I expect something I always get mad/angry..I prefer not to be angry anymore..coz today it made me feel better and we both ended talking nicely with each other..I prayed after we converse.. I prayed for patience, strength and to touch our heart with love. And I thanked GOD for the wonderful time tonight..I’m not expecting this will be everyday but I do hope that this will happen everyday..

  • Do the dares completely the best you can.  

    I have a hard time with this, such as asking mine if she will go  to a Halloween party.  I may ask, but I ask in such a way to not portray that I would like her to  go.  We get use to having no expectations, which is good, but then we let go of the emotion of showing our spouse that we would like for them to go.  And I am sure they would appreciate it more if we sounded a little hopeful that they would go.

    Hopefully that makes  sense.  

    Maybe it would  be a good idea to offer for her to go to bed with you.  I don't think asking her to come back to the bedroom would invade her space.  as long as you don't keep asking.  

  • Ok..maybe one day I will ask..I just try not to keep expecting..when we talk I always make sure I still make her think that I’m not quiting on us..I just want to not expect too much coz it’s where I usually get angry..I still ask her to dine out with me if she can..I ask her sonetimes to sleep with me on our bed but she declines..I ask her from time to time..I still tell her I Love her and kiss her forehead/head before I go and before we sleep..sometime she ask me why I still do that..I always tell her I love her..I pray everydag that we will both be showered with love by GOD..

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