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Dare completed

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i did the dare today and said it. I told her I love her and I choose to love her..I always tell her it anyway..that I love her even if she is not ready to love me usuall her reaction was just shaking her head or covering it. Then I left her alone. I gave her space again. I cant wait for tomorro though. She said she’s going with us at church and trick or treating in the afternoon. I know she’s not going coz of me but atleast we get to do this together for the kids.. I pray to GOD that everything will go well tomorrow. I haven’t talked to her about our relationship..I know she will still say her feeling is still not there for me. Well, today I will keep my distance from her..she Might get overwhelmed that She might think Im not giving her space..coz of at least today I will keep my distance..

  • Do not worry about what her thoughts are of the marriage.  She doesn't know really where her thoughts are.  She is up and down with her thoughts and emotions like a roller coaster.  Just keep Being still and knowing He is God.

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