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Well, today is something I’ve never done..not get angry

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Well, today is tough..i dunno what to do. I mean today I still doing my chores at home..made her breakfast and lunch and prepare our kid who goes to school. Our youngest is sick and took care of him all night coz I told her not to..i dont want her to get sick..I always keep her updated though about our sick kid. But today, I left early for work but before I left I checked my kids temp and he was fine. I ask her to check him before he leaves for work..I texted her it she checked him coz she never texted me about the update. She said she did and he was fine. I told her why didn’t you tell me. You got me worried. But I said thanks though that he is fine. I do worry about my kids. I wanted to be angry at her for not keeping me updated but I just let it go. Coz I know it might just get worse. I can’t believe I was able to let it go. I usually can’t. I still do the things everyday like good morning, good evening, how was was the study? And that’s it..if she answers me like she’s mad..I was just asking and trying to know your how was your day..with a smile..sometime I do get angry but I choose to keep quit now..I just pray after I talk to her..I pray for patience and strength to endure this trials. I pray too that we will both be enlightened by God. I’m more into improving my relationship to GOD now..It has been awhile.. I hope he is patient to me too..coz sometimes the devil really plays with our head..I hope to end the day on a positive side today..

  • So now you are seeing how she is being used as a tool to mold you.  Take it a step further now.  Next time she doesn't inform you of something, like how your son is doing, don't ask her  why she didn't let you know.  Just ask how he is doing.  

    Right now, she does not  want to start communication with you or to show any kindness to you.  So, let it go even further than you did.

    That's great you are not showing your anger.  Now, take this a step further now too.  Next time you feel angry, continue to not show it, but also choose to change the emotion of anger to feeling sorry for her and praying for her to find  peace in God.  

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