Collaborate without boundaries just went from good to bad

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So, I decided to pick up my wife to surprise her. Bought flowers and wrote a little in the card. She said she still going to the mall. I told her it’s ok I will be with her and follow her where ever she will go. I will patiently wait til she’s done. We went home and I dont know how we ended talking about our marriage again. And she said I have to stop giving her flowers, gifts and notes/letters coz she already decided “That’s it”. I still said No we have to try first. If yoy dont want to try let me try save this marriage. She said no matter what I do it will just make things messy coz she already made her final decision.  I asked her is there somebody coz you are so certain of your decision..she said I said then I am certain to make it work or try to win you back. I’ll give the space you wan..but let me still try to save this marriage..she’d seen changes she said..but its to sudden that she said just be your old self. I can’t coz that old self was selfish. That old self was far from God. My day just went from good to bad..what should I do? Do I have to continue? It’s only the 10th day..i dont wanna give up yet..

  • Why would you stop?  Did Jesus ever stop for you when you through sin showed him you didn't want him?  So, do not stop for her.  

    She sees changes, but thinks they are fake and that you will go back to your old ways the moment she gives in.  you need to do this long term and be consistent in what you are learning so she will some day see that your changes are real

    You need time, you haven't  built  endurance in Christ yet.  10 days may feel like forever during this mess, but it's going to take time.  Are you really willing to not give up?  Remember, you entered a covenant of marriage not  just with her but with God also.  I surely don't want to give up for God.  Did you read the appendix about leading the heart yet?

  • but you are overdoing it.  A surprise pick up, then flowers, and a note.  These things all in one day are overwhelming her and  really getting in her  space.

    you are wanting to fix this.  but you can't.  it was your ways that got you to this point.  Now it is time to do a dare a day and give God all the control.  Because he is more capable than you to fix this.

    Do the dare for today and that's it.  

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