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Day 10 what to do?

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I do most of the stuff at home. Laundry, cook, clean up the bathroom and sometime clean everything..I’m confused of what to do for this dare..I’ll update later..

  • Thank you for coming to the journal part of the site.  This really helps and I think it will be better for you too.

    it's  great you are reading the dares early in the morning.  If you aren't, pray on how  to  do the dare.  God often will lead you to how to accomplish the dare as you pray on it off and on through the day.

    is there even a simple, small task you could do for her that she normally does?  It doesn't have to be anything big.  

  • I really don’t know right now. I’m leaving for work, so I’ll think about it later while I’m at work. Cleaning up generally is her thing. Maybe I’ll clean the kitchen, dishes, kitchen floors and anything in the kitchen to clean. Everyday I feel it’s getting worse though..But I will still keep trying and do the dares.

  • Is it a bad idea to just randomly pick my wife at work? I’ve never done that..should I tell her first or just go straight sith out telling her.

  • Does she have a car already at work to take home?  

    One thing to consider is will she kind of get stressed seeing you show up when she isn't expecting you to?  Will it get her thinking you will show up unannounced at other places as well?  if so, this may be a way she sees you getting in her space.  If not, then this may be a good idea.  

    Could you go to the library to pick up books she may need for school?   Or pick up any school supplies?

  • She doesn’t have a car. She doesn’t drive in NYC. I’m not really sure what she may think when I pick her up. Haven’t done it in weeks coz everytime I offer to pick her up she says NO. I’m afraid she might get mad at me though. She did said give me some space. Books? Nah she has the book already and she has online PT journals. She practically has every resources for her studies. I do want to pick her up today. I’m just afraid she rejects me. You are right though..she might think I’m stepping on her air space. Should I still pick her up? I wanna do it. Even of she doesn’t talk to me all the way home.

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