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The Affair

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  • Huey, Welcome! I am so glad God lead you to this site. For starters this is a journey between you and God, your husband and children will be used as tools to mold you into the person God wants you to be. Things may get worse before they get better, but if you are willing to surrender your all to the feet of the cross you will find the peace God promises, and your family may be reconciled in his time.

    Do a dare a day no more, no less. Get into a schedule of reading God's Word and Start praying about everything, God wants to hear from you and wants to hear it from your point of view, stay celibate, find comfort and support in the Word and prayer. Find a friend that you can be brutally honest with and talk to them regularly for accountability, try not to down talk your husband, when you get the feelings of anger toward him pray.

    Again I am so glad God brought you to the site, I look forward to watching you grow in His love.

  • I almost forgot, don't read ahead in the book except the appendix especially the part about leading your heart. You will want to try to speed things up, this doesn't help, God works best when we keep our fingers our of the work. Just "be still and know that he is God" you will hear this a lot on this site, and it is advice I wish I had taken lots earlier in my trial.

  • Glad you found this part of the site.  This is where you will get more feedback.  

    Josh has a lot of good info to absorb.  

    When doing the dares, have no expectations of him.  

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