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Today I am on day 14 the dare for today is purposefully neglect an activity you would normally do so you can spend quality time with your spouse.  Do something she would love to door a project she would like to work on.  Make the choice to enjoy your time together.  So my dilemma is how do you spend quality time with some one who doesn’t want to be near you.  Ive prayed to God last night and all morning to show me something that I can do for this dare.  The only thing that I’ve came up with is a few weeks ago we took Maddox to ride his bike at the high school across the street from the house and me and my wife rode bikes with him, I made the suggestion then that me and him could meet her at her work when she gets off one day and go ride a local walking and bike trail near her work and maybe go get dinner afterwards.  So far that’s the only thing that I’ve been able to come up with for a dare it’s not really not doing something that I would normally do since I had quit my normal habits that caused problems in my marriage weeks before starting the love dare.  And if this is the way that I decide to take this dare what if I face rejection, and my wife doesn’t get off work til after 5 and takes her nearly 30 min to get home and the trail is near her work so do me and Maddox just surprise her at work and I make the suggestion I just don’t know I’m really struggling with this one today.

  • My biggest issue is do I surprise her at work or do I wait til she gets off and ask but then it’s newly 6 and I don’t like to keep my son out that late and what if she rejects the entire idea

  • Attempting the dare the best you can is considered the dare completed.  Not if she accepts or rejects your attempt.

    To me, showing up unannounced would be getting in her space and not showing her patience in that you weren't patient enough to ask her and see if she wanted you to come over.

    If she rejects, do not take it personally, God works well when you attempt a dare and she rejects.  

  • Keep praying upon if this is the way to do the dare or if there is another way God  wants you to accomplish the dare.  And how to attempt doing the dare.  

  • Yea that’s where I run into my dilemma cause as far as giving something I would do up,  I’ve already given up everything that I used to do I used to play Xbox a lot or play games on my phone and my Xbox is in the closet and I’ve deleted everything off my phone.  I love bass fishing to and I haven’t even wanted to do any of that all I’ve wanted to do is focus on God and my family and I’m not gonna give up on focusing on God to do a dare you know what I mean.

  • No surprises!!! I bought my wife a necklace for Christmas and decided to give it to her two weeks early. She immediately told our daughter she loved it but it's not going to buy back her love. ANYTHING out of the ordinary will be a violation to her. Ask her if she would like to go for a walk with you and Maddox. Then talk about the weather or school, anything besides the situation. Enjoy actual quality time.

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