Collaborate without boundaries


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I know I’m struggling with not contacting my wife but during the dares when it says we should have interactions I need to interact with her correct

  • Yes.  Do the dares without changing them.  If you are to talk to her generally do it in person, not a phone call, not a text, not an email, except as a last resort.

  • Ok thank you

  • Just no excessive contact that goes beyond the dare. Like sitting around and deciding to send her a quote about marriage you saw online or a Bible verse that really really applies to your situation. Trust me that will backfire every time.

  • Ok thanks Eddie I won’t it just really sucks cause I picked my son up from school today and he said dada were gonna have a bonfire tonight do you want to come.  And I have to tell him I can’t and he says but I want you to mama said you can.

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