Collaborate without boundaries
  • day 32

    Well day 32 is rather difficult to complete with only one person. I did receive news today that LN ran into difficulties with his relationship, I hate to know that he is hurting in anyway...But if he needed to go through this to open his heart to God...
  • Division

    Today I had to identify an area of division between LN and I. I did not need to think very hard to identify what I was doing to cause this division. There was so much conflict between his son and I, his mother and I, and his want to build a camp. I was...
  • Loves motivation

    Todays dare was to pray for LN, and say I love you and express love in a tangible way. Then pray to God giving thanks for the privilege of loving him. Another difficult day since I can't talk to him or see him. If I try to reach out to him, that just...
  • Day 28

    Day 28...another difficult day. No contact at all, have not spoken to him in over 2 weeks when he said it was over and moved on with another woman. I pray, go to church, and do my rosary every night as I promised god I would. I read my dares first thing...
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