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Todays dare was to pray for LN, and say I love you and express love in a tangible way. Then pray to God giving thanks for the privilege of loving him. Another difficult day since I can't talk to him or see him. If I try to reach out to him, that just pushes him further away. So I prayed what I wanted to tell him to God, and asked him to tell LN what I wanted him to know. 

  • I think anything we do pushes them further away. The devil has such a stranglehold on them that it's impossible for them to understand what's happening. There are things happening behind the scenes that you don't see though. For example I have been going through this for a year now and I hear little things from my children and other people about some of the hard things my wife is going through. It appears that everything is smooth sailing for our spouses but this is not easy on them either. It's actually worse because they are choosing to sin. Maybe not worse now but in the long term they will see that sin has consequences. We can only pray for them and live as righteous as possible and wait for them to return.

  • You were the one in the marriage that was called to keep standing for the covenant.  You were led to the dares.  Do the dares without changing them to make them easier.  If God led you to the dares you need to do the dares the best you can the way the dares are intended.

    We can all say the same thing, we can't do the dares pushes them further away, I don't live with her/him, it'll make them mad, it's scary to do this dare, etc.

    Do the dare the best you can.  If you stick to doing only the dares no more, it won't be enough to end things.  

  • Doing the dares serves purpose.  For you and Him.  

    What if Abraham said no to what God asked him.  What about Noah?  What about us that have been standing for our marriages for months or longer?  We all want to say no, I don't want to do it. But that is fear and fear is not of God.

  • The dares will mold you best if you do them.  Give it your best shot.  

    The ones that come here and do the dares the best they can are the ones that end up more than okay no matter what their spouse does.  The ones that half way do the dares are the ones that end up quiting and walk away in sorrow or frustration or anger.  

  • Look at Eddie.  He's had no contact for months and he's starting up round three now.  

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